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World Salt Symposium – Call For Papers

The Salt Institute will be hosting the next World Salt Symposium in Park City, UT on June 19-21, 2018. For more than 50 years, the World Salt Symposium has convened at intervals to assess the science and technology behind every aspect of salt through a scientific meeting. The new website  is a repository of the information gathered by these symposia and also serves to promote the 2018 symposium.

The World Salt Symposium focuses on the latest research and development in the international salt sector. It covers a wide spectrum of subjects embracing the science, engineering, technology, economics and history of all forms of sodium chloride salt and related evaporites. As a broad international platform, the World Salt Symposium 2018 will enable researchers, producers and users of salt to become acquainted with the latest developments and technologies in this important industrial area. By combining a scientific symposium with the opportunity to meet with internationally renowned experts and associations, the World Salt Symposium 2018 (WSS2018) will present a highly functional and diversified opportunity.

The World Salt Symposia represent the international gathering of scientists representing all regions of the globe. These meetings have comprised presentations and papers that cover every issue of the salt sector. These include papers on the geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and tectonics of salt. The mining papers cover dry mining, geophysics, rock mechanics, solution mining, cavity construction and underground storage. Solar salt production papers embrace the subjects of solar evaporation, thermo-evaporation, seawater desalination and byproducts of solar operations. The important areas of nutrition, water conditioning, winter maintenance and the environment are also included. The meetings and the papers represent the latest thinking and concepts regarding the occurrence, origin, properties, technology and uses of salt and related materials.

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts in satisfactory English (maximum of 450 words, Arial 12pt font, single spacing, 1 inch margins) of their original research contributions or practical experience electronically to: Attention: Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, by November 30. All papers will be reviewed by at least two members of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee. If abstracts are accepted, authors will be asked to submit their completed papers to the Technical Committee. Accepted papers will be presented orally at the Symposium and published in the conference proceedings. Abstracts of papers with more than one author should indicate who is the main corresponding author. As the papers will be presented orally, the presenting author of the paper must be registered for the conference; otherwise the paper and presentation will be withdrawn from the Symposium and the Proceedings.

Oral presentations during the symposium will be grouped along the three tracks, each with a 15-minute time duration, including Q&A. The venue will provide computing facilities and video projectors for PowerPoint presentations, requirements must be submitted together with the final version of the paper. It is strongly advised that selected authors to bring their presentation on a memory stick. It is expected that presenting authors will contact the computer system facilitators at least 30 minutes before their session commences.

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