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Water soluble film

MonoSol LLC introduces M-8900, a new copolymer-based polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) water soluble film ideal for a wide range of products, including highly acidic and highly alkaline chemicals. Specifically developed for compatibility with low pH products that historically challenged PVOH films, M-8900 dramatically widens chemical compatibility, allowing a much more diverse range of products to be packed in unit doses. It offers considerably improved chemical compatibility. Additionally, sulfamic acid (used for metal and ceramic cleaning, textile and paper pulp bleach, hard-water scale removal), sodium bisulfate (used for industrial cleaners, metal pickling compounds, sulfuric acid substitute in dye-baths, disinfectants, pH lowering in swimming pools) and all other chemical formulations having relatively strong acid reactions in water are candidates for MonoSols M-8900.

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MonoSol LLC
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