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Water distiller

Center Hill FL

The Waterwise Model 7000 Distiller is a fully automatic, self-replenishing steam distillation system that produces up to nine gallons (34 liters) of purified/distilled water a day and holds up to three, eight or 12 gallons (11, 30 or 45 liters). One simple water connection puts 100-percent steam distilled water on tap. An optional remote faucet pump system offers additional delivery solutions to as many as five locations. Fully automatic start, shutoff and continuous fill replenishes the water supply as it is used. Features include a seven-stage process to guarantee maximum purity and the system has earned the WQA Gold Seal. 874-9028

Manufactures Name
Waterwise, Inc.
14JulyWaterwised.gif 6 years ago
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