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ECA HYTEC announcesa complete range of Pipe Cruiser equipment, designed for video inspection and monitoring of sewerage systems. The Mini Pipe Cruiser 100 trolley is designed for video inspection of secondary pipes with diameters of three to16 (76.2- 406.4 mm). The compact four-wheel drive trolley is available with an axial or rotating head camera. It can be introduced into 10 (254 mm) diameter branching junction chambers with the rotating camera, which also works in thrust mode for three-inch (76.2 mm) diameters. The tractor has complete compatibility with the 150 system. The DTR65HRC rotating head camera can be used for borehole examination operations up to a depth of 1,600 feet (487.68 m). The Pipe Cruiser 150 trolley meets the inspection requirement of pipes with diameters of six to 47 (152.4-1193.8 mm). Its 200-watt carrier has six multidirectional drive wheels, a rotating zoom camera and a rear-mounted backwards-facing camera. A cable tension management system is equipped with a 0.3 (7.62 mm) diameter cable and includes a large number of optional

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