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Stainless steel vessels and website upgrade


Membrana announces a new commercialized version of its Liqui-Cel® Industrial stainless steel vessel used with 10 x 28 Liqui-Cel Membrane Degassing Contactors. The new vessel has been designed to maintain current pricing levels in the face of ever increasing prices of stainless steel and shortages of nickel used to make stainless steel. It maintains the same pressure limits as high-purity steel vessels and gives end users who require steel housings an alternative to help combat rising steel prices. This vessel will also carry the CE mark required in European installations. The Liqui-Cel business unit website is organized by primary applications and industries, allowing users to navigate the pages more easily. Each landing page contains background information and quick links to technical content (data sheets, technical briefs and technical papers) specific to the various industries and applications where degassing contactors are currently used. Main navigation is divided into four information sections: product, application, industry and technical resources. All technical and product information can be accessed through main navigation options and direct links on landing

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