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Self-chlorinating softeners

1900 Prospect Ct. Appleton WI 54915
1900 Prospect Ct. Appleton WI 54915

Water-Right, Inc.’s next generation of advanced self-chlorinating softeners, the Sanitizer Plus(TM) Series water conditioners, add operating and programming intelligence features through an innovative, microprocessor-based, solid-state control that captures operating history while significantly enhancing control over all systemfunctions. The self-sanitizing systems areavailable with a choice several electronic controls that utilize a full-function digitalscreen to display water usage data, systemhistory and programming data when customizingsystem cycles. The company’s exclusive Crystal-Right(TM) media is perfectly compatible with free chlorine produced by the system’s chlorine generator, is highly effective in removing hardness, iron, manganese and entrained odors and corrects low pH levels, all with a single-passthrough a single tank system. http://www.water-right.com800-777-1426

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Water-Right, Inc.
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