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3M Purification’s 3M™ Pro Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System helps provide cleaner, better-tasting water using multi-stage filtration. The system includes a high-pressure booster pump for increased production, providing a consistent pressure of 100 psi and the ability to deliver 36 to 50 gpd (136.27 to 189.27 L/day). An electronic pressure switch is set to activate at 40 psi and shut off at 60 psi. The system is optimized with a commercial-grade transformer for additional quality assurance. ProRO reduces sediment, off-tastes and odor; features a sanitary, encapsulated RO membrane and carbon block postfilter; can be easily installed under the sink for dedicated drinking and cooking water use, and has a sanitary quick change (SQC) design, allowing for fast and easy replacement filter change-outs without the need of a filter wrench. To learn more about the 3M Pro RO and receive information about becoming a 3M Authorized Water Dealer, visit the website.

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3M Purification, Inc.
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