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The American Water Works Association offers a new report on ultraviolet disinfection. Integrating UV Disinfection Into Existing Water Treatment Plants was composed as part of a project in partnership with the U.S. EPA, to evaluate existing and potential pathogen barriers using a selected risk analysis approach and to determine decision steps for a utility to assess these issues. It includes a complete analysis of UV disinfection risks and implementation issues by determining when distribution of inadequately disinfected water may occur (e.g., during a power outage. The report is being online and in print through the AWWA Research Foundation.Gain operational insight and technical expertise in the use of ozone in drinking water treatment with Ozone in Drinking Water Treatment, a new handbook from the American Water Works Association. The reference is intended to serve as a primary information source for the design, operation, maintenance and control of ozone technology and provides in-depth information from an operations perspective. Authored by Kerwin L. Rakness, it is available to AWWA members at a special discount.

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