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The LS300T+ trailer-mounted drill rig from Little Beaver gives water well drillers, soil samplers and geotechnical technicians the capabilities of a large drill rig in a lighter, more convenient package. It’s mounted to a 7,000-pound (136-kg) capacity, tandem-axle trailer that users can tow with a small, four-wheel-drive pickup, SUV or basic utility vehicle to access remote, rugged areas. It measures 190 inches (4.82 meters) long and 82 inches (2.08 meters) wide, making it smaller than typical truck-mounted drills. It also features a heavy-duty, 6- by 3-foot (1.82- by 0.91-meter) mast that folds down for convenience and safe transport. The drill is shipped fully assembled and ready to use in a 20-foot (6.09-meter) container. The LS300T+ can bore holes six inches (15.24 cm) in diameter and 300 feet (91.44 meters) deep in nearly any ground conditions, from sand to clay to soft rock, as well as many rock formations.,

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Little Beaver
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