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10 Bloomfield Ave. Pine Brook NJ 7058
10 Bloomfield Ave. Pine Brook NJ 7058

John Guest® USA expands its line of black polypropylene fittings, which now includes: 0.5-inch stem x 0.5-inch OD stem elbow; 0.5-inch OD union elbow; 0.625-inch stem x 0.375-inch OD reducer and 0.375-inch x 0.25-inch OD reducing elbow, for use in water filtration, softener installs, RV, marine and agricultural applications. The fittings require no tools. The latest Speedfit® CTS fittings, specifically designed for plumbing, plumbing repair and remodel, as well as being suitable for water filtration applications, are easy to install without the need for any tools. Speedfit’s patented Lock & Twist® technology, featuring a collet with stainless steel gripping teeth and an EPDM O-ring, ensures leak-free connections. Fittings are IAPMO approved, NSF certified and can be used with copper, CPVC or PEX pipe. They are available in 0.375-inch CTS union; 0.375-inch CTS x 0.25-inch NPT male; 0.375-inch CTS tee and 0.375-inch CTS elbow sizes and configurations. Three plumbing market products are also available now: shut-off valve in 0.75-inch CTS (with a one-quarter-turn long handle, an indicator arrow displaying the off position and two interchangeable buttons for color coding hot and cold water); female swivel elbow in 0.375-inch Speedfit x 0.75-inch national/garden hose threads (specifically targets dishwasher installation) and the female connector in 0.375-inch OD x 9/16-24 compression threads, which threads onto chrome supply valves and 0.375-inch compression threads for reliable plumbing standards. These can be used with copper, PEX or CPVC pipes, are easy to use and cut installation time by 40 percent. All fittings are US Plumbing Code Standards compliant.

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John Guest USA, Inc.
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