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Elements and specialty membranes


Dow Water & Process Solutions introduces its FILMTEC FORTILIFE elements to help meet customer needs in challenging waters across various markets. CR100 is engineered specifically for plants where biofouling is a problem. It offers reduced cleanings up to 50 percent, improved cleaning results and lower energy costs up to 10 percent. XC70, XC80 and XC-N elements offer advantages for plants looking to reduce costly concentrate waste, lower operating expenses and achieve MLD goals. Specialty membrane RO and NF elements include: ultra-high pressure RO elements for industrial process and wastewater that operate at 1,740 psi (120 bar) as well as increased overall efficiency of minimal liquid discharge (MLD) and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) operations; high-temperature RO elements for various industrial streams (DOW HYPERSHELL technology) increased cleaning efficiency, reducing CIP chemicals and water usage; high-temperature NF elements for various industrial streams that separate sulfate or large organic molecules efficiently at elevated temperatures up to 70°C and extra-wide, feed-spacer NF elements for demineralization of high, viscose liquids that achieve higher recovery due to the extra-wide feed spacer., water-and-process-solutions

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