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Buyer's Guide Questionnaire

34899 Curtis Blvd., Eastlake, OH 44095, USA
34899 Curtis Blvd. Eastlake Ohio 44095 US
(440) 510-0108(440) 510-0108
(866) 859-9274(866) 859-9274
(440) 510-0202

ENPRESS, LLC is a leading manufacturer of composite pressure vessels utilized in water treatment. Manufacturers of Vortech® and Mid-Vortech® distribution technologies that create fluidity of the media bed and extend contaminant removal capacity, which means less regenerations and reduction of water use. The back-washable POLY-UF™ offers 0.02-micron filtration at maximum service flowrates of 12 gpm treating colloids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, turbidity, tannins and other particles. Cartridge Tank™ is a direct replacement for inefficient 2.5- or 4.5-inch housings, or stainless steel cartridge housings. Seven filtration series options offer unique filtration capacities and flowrates for residential requirements up to 150 gpm.


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