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Residential laundry system

mar2017_wn_purewashThe PureWash Pro Ozone laundry system cleans without the need for hot water, soap, bleach and fabric softeners, while removing mold issues common to front-loading machines. It sterilizes and cleans clothes using ozone, saving customer costs for hot water, energy and laundry products while removing over 99.8-percent of bacteria and viruses. Features include advanced oxidation laundry system for use with standard residential washing machines; easy-to-install and compact footprint; back-lit display to observe oxidation entrained into the water; automatic on-off for water flow, as washer demands; cold-water hose and desiccant dryer that optimizes the cleaning performance. The Pro Ozone supplies photo-catalytic and advanced oxidation to wash water, similar to commercial systems and the nozzle can be used for extra cleaning options.
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