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Two- and three-way dividers

10 Bloomfield Ave. Pine Brook NJ 7058
10 Bloomfield Ave. Pine Brook NJ 7058

For inch-size and metric tube-to-tube fittings used in beverage and drink dispensing applications, John Guest USA offers a variety of two- and three-way dividers employing the company’s push-fit technology and food-grade O-rings. Two-way inch-size tube-to-tube fittings with superior flow characteristics range in tube OD from 0.25 to 0.5 inches (6.35 to 12.7 mm) and are suitable for use with soft metal or plastic tubes. They come with either an EPDM or nitrile food-grade O-rings. The metric nitrile O-ring version is manufactured in black acetal copolymer for use with foodstuffs and potable liquids, available in three tube OD sizes: 4 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm. The EDPM O-ring version comes in a tube OD size of 15 mm. Also available is a high chemical resistance three-way divider with a tube OD inlet size of 0.375 inches (9.525 mm) and 0.25-inch OD outlet, suitable for use with potable liquids and pure water applications.

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John Guest USA, Inc.
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