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The continuous flow, easy-to-operate, non-invasive VacWash” Filtration System from e-Valve, LLC simplifies the operation of pump/backwash filter systems. Flow through is controlled by a bank of silicone sleeve pinch valves that are closed by city water pressure andopened by pump suction. The systemcan be operated ‘on the fly’ without shutting down the pump;flow change issmooth and free of water hammer. Operator control issimply by the turn of a small rotary directional control valve. Pump direction is reversed to clean the system, drawing filtered water through the filter backwards then discharging thewash water through the pump strainer in reverse flow, cleaning both the filter and the pump strainernon-invasively.e-Valve is seeking investment capital for the promotion of this new filtration system. Call toll-free (877)

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e-Valve, LLC
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