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Iron removal system

6101 Baker Rd., Ste. 206 Minnetonka MN 55345 USA
6101 Baker Rd., Ste. 206 Minnetonka MN 55345

WATER D.O.G.® Iron Hunter HD completely oxidizes iron in water for total iron removal. Titanium plates supersaturate the water with oxygen by creating pure oxygen microbubbles that are 400 times smaller, by volume, than aeration. Features include easy installation, compact three-foot by three-foot footprint, chemical free processing and low maintenance. Removes iron (20 ppm @ 20 gpm [75.7 L/m]), manganese (2.5 ppm @ 10 gpm [37.85 L/m]) and hydrogen sulfide (five ppm @ 10 gpm [37.85 L/m]). Patented and UL 708·9349

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Water D.O.G. Works
0901Water_DOGd.jpg 5 years ago
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