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Ionization system


The LiquiTech LC Series copper/silver ionization system provides secondary water treatment and is a dominant modality for long-term remediation of Legionella, especially in the healthcare sector. It was the first to be registered by US EPA (US EPA Reg. No. 68250-1) as being effective in the prevention and control of Legionella Pneumophila in commercial potable water supplies. Copper/silver ionization consists of releasing positively charged copper and silver ions into the water system. Through static electricity, ions bond with negative sites on bacterial cell walls. Over time, the ions penetrate into biofilms and slimes that can harbor waterborne pathogens, which provides residual protection where the offending bacteria are eliminated rather than merely suppressed. This patented solution is safe, environmentally friendly and capable of handling any water conditions with no toxic chemical byproducts.,

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