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Commercial RO systems


RO Water Tech‘s WE-20K-436 commercial RO systems produce up to 20,000 gpd (75,708 L/d) of purified water, with a minimum NaCl rejection rate of 96 percent, based on 550 ppm TDS, 100 psi, 77°F (25°C), pH 7 and 50-percent recovery. The units feature a 10-micron FSI bag and a five-micron, poly-spun sediment filter, and come pre-loaded with HF4 (TFC) extra-high-flow, low-energy membranes. Permeate maximum flow is 13.8 gpm (52.2 L/d); concentrate flow minimum is six gpm (22.7 L/d) and maximum pressure is 150 psi., (928) 830-8974

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RO Water Tech
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