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Cartridge tanks


ENPRESS LLC announces the introduction and availability of its Yellow Series filtration solutions for the Cartridge Tank™ filtration vessel. These are combination filters composed of an outer layer of polypropylene string with a melt-blown polypropylene core, and two initial filtration solutions: 20-micron, string-wound outer layer with a 5-micron melt-blown pp core and 50-micron, string-wound outer layer with a 20-micron, melt-blown pp core. ONE–Water Filtration Simplified™ dual-media filters provide a cost-effective, extended service-life product capable of capturing a broad range of particulates, with high-service flowrates up to 60 gpm (227.12 liters/minute) with less than 15 Delta P. The outer prefilter is manufactured using 100-percent polypropylene yarn wound in a precise pattern to capture 20 or 50 microns, or larger. The outer filter will capture fine sediment, sand, silt, rust and scale particles. The 5- or 20-micron, melt-blown inner filter is manufactured using thermally bonded polypropylene fibers, offering minimal pressure drop and consistent downstream flow without fiber migration. All components and materials are FDA approved. Cartridge Tank is specifically designed for residential, light commercial and commercial POE installations and applications., (866) 859-9274

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